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10 Reasons ShowUp is Better Than a Physical Trade Show (and 3 Reasons It’s Not)

September 27, 2020

Virtual events are here to stay. Even the most jaded event planners admit that when trade shows come back, all will have a virtual component. There are many advantages to virtual events over physical events. ShowUp is designed to take advantage of them.

  1. No Crappy Food – We’ve all paid through the nose for a stale sandwich with wilted lettuce and mystery meat at a convention center “cafe”. Virtual events allow you to eat delicious home-cooked meals. And if you want to overpay, you can call Uber Eats and at least get something yummy that you actually want to eat.
  2. It’s Better for the Environment – Over one billion pounds of attendee waste from trade shows hit landfills each year. The average 3-day show generates 580 tons of CO2 emissions. This doesn’t include exhibitor waste like rented carpet, overprinted brochures, and toxic material like paint, glue, and tape. Virtual trade shows are way better for the planet.
  3. So Much Cheaper – Physical shows start at $15K. The average exhibitor spends $150 per square foot and the smallest exhibit is 100 sq ft. You can’t have a decent presence at a show for less than $25-50K, and it’s pretty easy to spend $100K or more. Virtual shows are literally 1/10th the cost which makes ROI so much easier.
  4. Find Your Customers – Tracking down your key prospects in a large convention is like finding a black cat in the basement during a blackout. ShowUp lets you easily search attendees by name, and invite them into private video meetings with a few clicks.
  5. Limitless Meeting Rooms – How many times have you gotten frustrated trying to find a place to meet? Or gotten kicked out of the little room in your booth because someone else needed it? ShowUp has unlimited virtual meeting rooms. No more meetings standing in the corner by the bathroom.
  6. No Lines for Coffee, or Anything – Unless you’re hosting a giant family reunion from Oct 27-29, you’ll never have to stand in line for coffee during ShowUp.
  7. Your Feet Will Thank You – No standing on a hard floor for 8 hours a day. No sore backs. No dreaming of the massage chair in the booth around the corner. (OK, maybe we can still dream about the massage chair.)
  8. No Travel – No expensive plane trips. No strange beds. No shuttle busses or smelly taxis. The only travel you need to do is from your bedroom to your computer. (You can even attend from bed on your phone if you want!)
  9. No Masks – In fact, you don’t even need pants!
  10. Analytics – No more scrambling around scanning badges with overpriced card scanners. ShowUp gives you real data of who came to your booth and how long they stayed. With our Island package, you can even retarget customers on Google and Facebook after the show.

But in the interest of honesty, there ARE some things we do miss about trade shows.

  1. Hard to demo products – if you make games, it’s pretty hard to try out the latest arcade game in a virtual show.
  2. Handshakes and Hugs – Damn, we miss those. When we see our old friends, we just want to grab them and squeeze.
  3. Visiting Cool Places – I miss New Orleans, and Orlando, and Amsterdam, and Las Vegas – OK, maybe not Las Vegas. But we do love going to cool places and trying new restaurants and other entertainment experiences.

Until live events come back, ShowUp will work hard to make virtual trade shows as amazing as possible. We think you’re going to have a great time.

ShowUp is the new social convention and trade show for family entertainment centers, bowling centers, trampoline parks, cinemas, skating centers, and other location-based entertainment locations.

It's not just another series of webinars. ShowUp brings people together face to face with the latest video networking technology so they can meet, learn, collaborate, and have fun, just like a live trade show.

Join us February 1-3, 2021. 

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