The FEC Convention

February 1-3, 2021

Meet Your Friends

Generate New Revenue

Learn Consumer Trends


The FEC Convention

February 1-3, 2021

Meet Your Friends

Generate New Revenue

Learn Consumer Trends


Why ShowUp?


Discover New Revenue Streams & Models


See Old Friends & Meet New Ones


Keep Up On Changing Consumer Trends

close up of Team of asian teenage cyber sport gamers play mobile game by 5g smartphone on eSport tournament

Change is Accelerating

Consumer trends and expectations are rapidly evolving.

Team professional gamer playing winning tournaments online games computer.

Don't Get Disrupted

New competitors and business models are emerging constantly. 

Man and woman playing game using virtual reality headset and gamepads in the dark room of the playing club

Control Your Future

Winners and losers are being defined now. 

2020 Has Been Beyond Challenging

We Need to Work Together to Get Through This 

We need to come together to get through this


Our Vision:

100’s of our industry’s experts together to share ideas

1000’s of operators joining to support each other

3-days to help you envision the best future imaginable

More than 75 World Class Specialists, Innovators, and TrailBlazers

Brent Bushnell

Brent Bushnell

Two-Bit Circus
Joe Pine - Transformation Economy

Joe Pine

Author: The Experience Economy
Barbara Ford

Barbara Ford Grant

Meow Wolf
James Jensen

James Jensen

Lisa Oneill 720x930 UPDATED

Lisa O'Neill

Motivational Maestro
Tammy Brandt

Tammy Brandt

Dreamscape Immersive
Marcus Howard

Marcus "Esports" Howard

Esports Community Builder

Zaana Howard

McKinsey & Co
Dan Pelson

Dan Pelson

Area 15
ShowUp Carousel of Learning

Christopher Lafayette

Emergent Technologist HoloPractice
Education Day 4

Immerse yourself in interactive learning. This isn't just another series of webinars. Hands-on workshops, roundtables, workshops, and reflection sessions are so you can put your learnings into actions now.

VRsenal Beat Saber at Main Event

Join 100 of the most innovative companies as they demonstrate the latest in entertainment attractions and services design to get customers out of their homes and back into your locations.

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