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We Can Solve Anything


Now With Pay What You Can Pricing

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Pay What You Want. Pay What You Can. Here are some suggestions.

Out of Work? Furloughed? Just Getting Started?

Enter $0 at Checkout For a Free Ticket

Times Are Tough, But I Want to Contribute Something

Enter $10-$49 at Checkout

Business is Down, But I'm OK.  I See the Value of This Event.

Enter $50-$99 at Checkout


Our Industry Needs This. I Want It to Happen Again.

Enter $100-$199 or more 

Make this your event. Create a roundtable discussion. Host a reception. Convene a meeting. It's all possible when we ShowUp.

Why "Pay What You Want"?

Our industry is reeling, and it's harder on some than others. So we realized we needed a flexible pricing model. We want everyone to ShowUp to help spur the creative solutions our industry needs to move from surviving to thriving. We don't want money to stop you.

Why Not Just Offer Free Tickets?

Putting on this event costs money. We have a team of 10 people working 16-hours a day to make this event great for everyone. There are also costs of technology, marketing, and other business expenses. We are creating something of real value for the industry, and we want to give those who can afford to, the opportunity to contribute.

How is ShowUp Different than Other Virtual Events?

ShowUp is built on a video-first platform. You get to see and meet with your industry friends and peers to collaborate, share ideas, and solve problems together. You can create your own roundtable topics and invite experts to join the conversation. You can host your own reception for customers. You can meet face-to-face with your vendors. It's much more like a real trade show than anything else you've seen online.

Want to Bring the Entire Team?

Just use the Contact Form and let us know your budget and how many people you want to ShowUp from your company. We will get back to you with the details.

Name Your Price

Name Your Price