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Vampire Pizza and the Home Escape Room Trend

September 27, 2020

Home escape room experiences are on the rise. I guess after a half year of being in lockdown, people are fantasizing about breaking out. FEC’s have been installing escape rooms for a few years now. Is there an opportunity to extend their reach and deliver escape games to people’s homes, increasing their reach, frequency, and thereby revenue? ShowUp checked in with Josh Sugarman, founder of, which is doing just that.

If you’re like me, board games with friends and family have become a thing of the past. The growth of digital media, video games, and other electronic activities have hijacked our leisure time. There was no definitive moment when we stopped gathering around a table, but the lack of game nights has left a void for many. Families are increasingly disconnected, resorting to texting each other from different rooms in the same house.

But analog is making a comeback. The resurgence in popularity of vinyl records, film cameras, and pinball machines are just a few examples (ask Gary Stern, who is reportedly months backlogged in production.)

Home escape game pioneer
Vampire.Pizza delivers an immersive dinner experience to the home

The Undead Bring Home Entertainment to Life

Another sign of life for analog is Vampire (dot) Pizza. Brought to life by CEO Josh Sugarman. Vampire.Pizza is an at-home, immersive story + game, and pizza delivery combined to create one riveting experience.

It’s a home escape room in a box that you work through in the comfort of your own home and pajamas. Vampire.Pizza is a mysterious narrative in which you (alone or with friends) navigate through tasks to be accepted into a vampire army. The game takes anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes as you work for the leader, Belle, in hopes of starting a revolution. This novel experience was initially launched in Los Angeles. It then expanded to New York, with plans to introduce it in several other states. In short, Vampire.Pizza is a `hit’.

The Wild Optimists – Ariel Rubin and Juliana Moreno Patel

The Vampire.Pizza game was co-created by Wild Optimists. Co-founders Ariel Rubin and Juliana Moreno Patel have established themselves as purveyors home “escape room ina-box” products. Providing a society limited in social interactions with an alternative to location-based entertainment has become a big opportunity.

Extending Frequency and Reach Increases Profits for FECs

FEC’s average only 2.5 visits per year for a family. As the family entertainment center industry explores how to think outside the big box experience, Vampire Pizza and Wild Optimists might offer a template for FEC’s to extend their brand experience into the home. There are 362.5 additional days per year for increasing frequency, mindshare, and profits.

Josh Sugarman from Vampire Pizza delivering on the home escape room trend
Josh Sugarman, Founder and CEO of Vampire.Pizza

Join us at ShowUP October 27-29th when Josh Sugarman from Vampire Pizza and Juliana Moreno Patel and Ariel Rubin, the Wild Optimists, will share their learnings and insights on how a home escape room can make home the new location for family entertainment center providers in the Think Outside the Big Box track.

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