February 1-3, 2021
40+ Sessions,
80+ Innovators, Trailblazers, and Originators

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Day 1 Theme - New Markets and Revenue Streams for FECs

Constraint drives innovation, and 2020 forced operators to create new business models, additional revenue streams, and different go-to-market strategies. From Zoom parties to home delivery of food and games to educational programs, FECs reinvented themselves. Meet the operators who are blazing a trail for a more profitable FEC industry beyond the pandemic.


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Day 2 Theme - Emerging Technology and Esports

New technology is advancing more rapidly than ever. The convergence of virtual and augmented reality, 5G, streaming, photogrammetry, and projection mapping are enabling more immersive experiences than ever, which are critical to getting people out of their homes. Visionary operators are already employing these technologies to attract and retain new generations of customers who expect, and are willing to pay, more for their entertainment dollars.

Esports is the biggest trend fed by this emerging tech. Come learn from the early pioneers how Esports and other immersive tech-driven experiences are shaping the future of the FEC industry.


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Day 3 Theme - Delivering Transformational Experiences to the Future Consumer

The rapid acceleration of consumer trends is one of the biggest impacts the pandemic had on businesses. Now that you've learned how to provide a safe experience for guests, what's next? Consumers need bigger and better reasons to leave home than ever. The first question they will ask is "Do I really need to leave home for this?" With technology pushing deeper into homes, cars, and onto our bodies, creating experiences that stand to transform your guests is the key to FECs going forward.

Meet the innovators already creating transformational experiences. And stay for the Carousel of Learning anchored by Joe Pine. He wrote the book on The Experience Economy and predicted that transformation is what will follow. Transform your business while transforming your customers.