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About ShowUp Events:

We are a virtual team of event experts located around the globe, working  remotely in Las Vegas, New York, California, Ireland and Australia.

ShowUp is the new social convention for virtual trade shows and product launches. We design and execute virtual events for location-based entertainment products ranging from virtual reality to arcade games to franchises and more. If you’re launching a product, let’s talk about how we can help you activate the media, distribution channel, and your customers.

Meet the Team

The ShowUp event team has decades of experience running trade shows and product launches. Our operations team worked with the largest exhibitor services firms in the world until the pandemic gutted the live event business. Our experience team have deep backgrounds in human-centered design and virtual experiences. Together we can design and execute a virtual product launch that will blow away your customers, and your competition.

Bob Show Up

Bob Cooney

Master of Ceremonies

One of the world’s leading experts on virtual technology, Bob has exhibited at more than 100 shows in his career. He is also a distinguished keynote speaker and moderator. For the last 4-years Bob has been curating the education programs for the VR Summit at Amusement Expo, and the Media, Arts and Entertainment track for VR Days in Amsterdam.

Kylie Show Up

Kylie Savage

Chief Experience Officer

Kylie has an extensive background in innovation and human-centered design.
She created the Innovation Awards while working at Inventium, one of the leading innovation firms in Australia. She also teaches human-centered design for organizations like the Australian Red Cross, Bristol Myers Squibb, and the Victorian Government.

Chris Show Up v3 (1)

Chris Albaugh

Director, Event Operations & Exhibits

For more than 20-years Chris has worked for the world’s largest event management companies like Freeman and GES. He’s passionate about exhibit design and is a leading expert in the event industry’s migration to virtual experiences. 

Susan Show Up

Susan Montanaro

Director of Sponsor Success

Susan has decades of experience helping clients use emerging media to connect their brands with their ideal customers in unique and innovative ways. She has worked with global agencies to pioneer advertising on digital jukeboxes with Ecast and beyond. Her amusement roots run deep; she |even did coin collections on street routes in NYC.

Tasha Show Up (1)

Tasha Harville

Exhibitor Services Manager

Tasha is professional Account Manager with over 26 years experience in the world’s largest event companies. Her amazing customer support focus means our exhibitors will ShowUp how they want — and with a smile.
Tasha prides herself on her interpersonal skills and time management and is fluent in English and Spanish.

Jen Show Up (1)

Jen Marsh Prink

Web Developer

Jen is a veteran project and event manager and web developer. As a 10+ year coordinator of an education conference, she is a master of wrangling events under extreme pressure. Jen makes sure we ShowUp awesomely online. She prefers to be with her family or on her bike when away from her computer.

Caitlin Show Up

Caitlin Hafer

Digital Marketing

Caitlin is our digital marketing guru, which leverages her remarkable and unusual mix of sharp analytical skills and inspiring creativity. She’s Co-Founder at What The Hack which creates problem solving events, and at Clockwork Hiring, which helps small  businesses match job applicants’ character traits to open positions. Caitlin is also a seasoned performing artist and producer.

Izzie Show Up v3

Isabella Woodlands

Speaker Coordinator

Isabella has a diploma in event management.  She is also an up and coming club DJ looking forward to playing the hottest clubs in Europe next year.