Consumer Trends

Why the Transformation Economy is the Most Important Trend for FECs

January 3, 2021

Twenty-five years ago, Joe Pine and his partner Jim Gilmore wrote an article in the Harvard Business Review called Welcome to the Experience Economy. They used a birthday cake as an example of the entire evolution of economic progress: Commodities – Mothers would bake a birthday cake from scratch, mixing eggs, flour butter, and sugar…

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VRsenal Beat Saber at Main Event

Virtual Reality and Hygiene Theater in a Post-COVID World

September 29, 2020

In 2015 I coined the term “Hygiene Theater” as a way of emphasizing the importance of showing customers that location-based VR attractions are being cleaned properly. Headset hygiene was a concern for about 20% of patrons based upon observational research at family entertainment centers. I encouraged early location-based VR operators to make a show of…

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Vampire Pizza and the Home Escape Room Trend

September 27, 2020

Home escape room experiences are on the rise. I guess after a half year of being in lockdown, people are fantasizing about breaking out. FEC’s have been installing escape rooms for a few years now. Is there an opportunity to extend their reach and deliver escape games to people’s homes, increasing their reach, frequency, and…

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